Sailing Fundamentals

Touchstone - Sailing fundamentals is also used in the programs of yacht clubs, colleges, and sailing groups around the country. With over 150 line drawings and photographs, and clear, detailed coursework covering every aspect of beginning sailing—from hoisting sail to docking and anchoring—Sailing Fundamentals is the authoritative text designed to prepare the learning sailor for certification according to international standards.

Written by america’s foremost instructional authority, the new edition of Sailing Fundamentals is the official learn-to-sail manual of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. He was head sailing coach at the US Naval Academy, and has conducted sailing clinics across the country. Learn-to-Sail manual. Unlike many sailing books, easiest, this book has been extensively pretested to ensure that it offers the fastest, which can reflect the biases and idiosyncrasies of their authors, most systematic way to learn basic sailing and coastal cruising.

Sailing Fundamentals - Official Learn-to-sail manual. Widely acclaimed author gary jobson has won several major races, including the 1977 America’s Cup victory as tactician aboard Courageous.

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Sailing For Dummies

For Dummies - Anchors away! For Dummies. A textbook, user’s manual, and reference all in one, this book takes the intimidation out of sailing and gives you the skills and confidence you need to get your feet wet and become the sailing pro you’ve always wanted to be. The authors keep the sailor-speak to a minimum where possible, but give you a grasp of the terminology you need to safely and effectively communicate with your crew.

Interested in learning to sail but feel like you’re navigating in murky waters? Sailing for Dummies, Second Edition introduces the basics of sailing, looks at the different types of sailboats and their basic parts, and teaches you everything you need to know before you leave the dock. Sailing champions show you how to: find and choose a sailing school use life jackets correctly tie ten nautical knots Handle sailing emergencies such as capsizing and rescuing a man overboard Launch your boat from a trailer, plot your course, ramp, use a compass, or beach Get your boat from point A to point B and back again Predict and respond to water and wind conditions Read charts, and find your position at sea Sailing for Dummies shows you that getting out on the water is easier than you think.

Sailing For Dummies - In sailing for Dummies, Second Edition, two U. S.

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Sailing: The Basics: The Book That Has Launched Thousands

Lyons Press - For Dummies. Quickly and easily master the sailing fundamentals you'll need to get out on the water.

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The Book of Sailing Knots: How To Tie And Correctly Use Over 50 Essential Knots

Lyons Press - But when it comes to decorative knotting, natural fiber is still the favored choice. Artificial-fiber and wire ropes have nearly replaced natural-fiber ropes. With fully illustrated and step-by-step instructions, loops, the author explains how to correctly tie and use more than fifty knots―including stopper knots, bends, and hitches―and in which situations each one is most useful.

This book is tops when it comes to learning how to master tying the most common sailing knots. In recent years, sailing has undergone some revolutionary changes: Satellites and autopilots are now used for navigation. For Dummies.

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The Complete Sailing Manual, 4th Edition

DK - Look up how to rig a dinghy, tie basic knots, or save someone who fell overboard. Revised and updated to include the latest developments in equipment, long-distance cruising, and high-speed, including foiling, safety, and activities, apparent wind-sailing, and newest technology such as modern performance systems and electronic navigation.

All rules, regulations, and best practices are also up to date. From the novice to the experienced sailor, The Complete Sailing Manual is the perfect book for anyone interested in sailing. An essential reference book for sailing enthusiasts, now in its fourth edition with a foreword by quadruple Olympic gold medalist Ben Ainslie.

The Complete Sailing Manual, 4th Edition - Learn the basics of sailing, master navigation, and maintain your boat with The Complete Sailing Manual, written by instructor and former British national champion Steve Sleight. For Dummies. Dk. This authoritative text has clear, annotated diagrams and photographs that answer questions about any sailing situation with thorough coverage of all aspects of sailing and boat ownership.

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Sailing Made Easy

American Sailing Association - Incorporated in the textbook are useful illustrations and exceptional photographs of complex sailing concepts. The book is the most comprehensive education and boating safety learn-to-sail guide to date. For Dummies. There are also quizzes at the end of each chapter, and a glossary to help those new to sailing to navigate their way through the extensive nautical terminology.

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The Annapolis Book of Seamanship: Fourth Edition

Simon & Schuster - This edition of The Annapolis Book of Seamanship is an extensive update. Appendixes include best practices for protecting the marine environment and bringing up children under sail. For Dummies. Completely revised and updated to address changes in technology and safety standards, this new edition is the definitive guide to the art and science of sailing.

The art of sailing, maneuvering, and preserving a ship or a boat in all positions and under all reasonable circumstances. With the addition of the words, “and some unreasonable circumstances, too, ” this definition of “seamanship” is as valid today as when the first edition of this book was published in 1983.

The Annapolis Book of Seamanship: Fourth Edition - Much of the text is new or revised, and there are many new photos. Moving on to the arts of traditional seamanship—anchoring, and emergencies—there is much on modern equipment and skills, heavy weather, again based on experience. We look closely at the elements of piloting, navigation, including Digital Selective Calling, and electronics, the US Coast Guard’s emergency communication system.

The book ends with boat maintenance and the traditions that make sailing the beloved pastime it is. Simon Schuster. The topics of health including seasickness and on board safety follow, with lessons learned from on-water tests and studies of boating accidents. Dk.

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Coastal Cruising Made Easy

ASA - Full color, richly illustrated, 176-pages. Simon Schuster. Sailing made easy is the #1 resource in basic sailing education, and Coastal Cruising Made Easy is poised to become the industry standard in intermediate sailing education. For Dummies. Coastal cruising made easy is not only the official textbook for the ASA Basic Coastal Cruising Standard ASA 103, but also the definitive go-to resource for all sailors who enjoy cruising and destination oriented sailing.

The text is published in full color and contains striking sailing photography from well-known photographer Billy Black, and world-class illustrations from award-winning illustrator Peter Bull. Dk. One of the text's most distinguishing features is its user friendly "spreads" in which instructional topics are self-contained on opposing pages throughout the book.

Coastal Cruising Made Easy - This easy to read learning tool follows the critically acclaimed Sailing Made Easy, which Sailing Magazine called "best in class" upon its release in 2010 .

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Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual: Including Inspecting the Aging Sailboat, Sailboat Hull and Deck Repair, Sailboat Refinishing, Sailbo

International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press - Dk. Simon Schuster. This must-have guide saves you time, money, sailbags, awnings, and trim make and repair sails, wood, spars, easiest, most effective ways to: Evaluate the condition of your boat or one you’re about to purchase Repair structural damage to your fiberglass sailboat Improve or repair your sailboat’s electrical system Troubleshoot, and grief as you learn the fastest, deck, dodgers, maintain, sail covers, and repair your boat’s diesel engine Put a professional-looking finish on your boat’s hull, and bimini tops For Dummies.

The definitive guide from the world's best-known sailboat maintenance expert Don Casey’s Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual combines six core volumes into a single, explains every major system, utterly dependable resource that answers every frequent question, and helps you keep your boat and its components shipshape.

Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual: Including Inspecting the Aging Sailboat, Sailboat Hull and Deck Repair, Sailboat Refinishing, Sailbo - Full color, richly illustrated, 176-pages. More than 2, 500 clear and detailed illustrations guide you step by step through every procedure. Casey’s technical virtuosity, his user-friendly explanations, and Peter Compton's diesel engine expertise make even the more complicated repairs and improvements easy to understand.

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Learning to Sail: The Annapolis Sailing School Guide for All Ages

International Marine - You'll learn your way around a boat--what its parts are called, what they do, and how to use them to ride the wind wherever you want to go. Simon Schuster. Dk. Read this book, and pretty soon you'll be a sailor, spend some time on a boat, and practice your new skills, one of a select group of people who think there's nothing finer than hiking out to windward in a close-hauled dinghy--racing against friends or a neighboring sailing club, or alone and just for the fun of it.

This book is about learning to sail. It follows the techniques perfected at the world-famous Annapolis Sailing School, where thousands of people just like you have learned to take tiller in hand and harness the wind. For Dummies. Full color, richly illustrated, 176-pages.

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The Complete Sailor, Second Edition

International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press - Simon Schuster. Revised and expanded to include racing and GPS navigation, The Complete Sailor is not just a how-to sail book, but a book that teaches you how to become a sailor. Dk. This is not just an instructional book-it's an insight into a sailor's approach to the sea, boats, and the ever-changing dynamic of wind on the water "A learn-to-sail book with heart.

Woodenboat "A real winner. A masterful blend of straightforward text with delightful and instructive illustrations. Full color, richly illustrated, 176-pages. Elegantly simple, encyclopedic in scope, and a delightful reference for any novice―with lots to offer intermediate sailors, too. Kalamazoo gazette if you never sailed, sailed once, or have sailed for a lifetime, this book is perfect for beginners but deep enough content for those interested in going beyond basics.

The Complete Sailor, Second Edition - Inside you’ll find:an all-in-one, comprehensive introduction to sailing up-to-date information on techniques and approaches offered by the changing nature of the sport Exquisite pen-and-ink illustrations Topics include: Wind Sense; Working Winds; Getting Underway; The Boat; Rigging; Sails; Under Power; Rules of the Road; Anchoring; Ropework; Marlinspike Seamanship; Emergencies; Sea and Sky; Navigation; Racing; Trailering For Dummies.

Quite simply a great primer on sailing and the world of boats for readers of all ages. Cruising world "Teaches sailing with flair and poetry. Sail "a great walk-through for the novice, both entertaining and thorough.

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